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Family farm for sale in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania, direct by owner.

We are selling both the active business and the real estate. That is: 15 hectares of fruit trees, 5 hectares pasture, 3 hectares arable land, all compact land. We also give over the contracts for other 40 hectares, rented from villagers. Organic agriculture is also possible since 20 hectares are non polluted.

The farm contains: 2 pig stables (capacity 600 pigs), 1 cow stables for 25 cows, 2 new houses, 1 old house, 1 warehouse, 3 cereal silos.

Livestock: 100 pigs. Rase Pietrain, Landrace/Large white. 2 boars, 10sows, 18 Siementhal cows, 12 calves.

Equipment: 1 Electric mixing mill, 3 Tractors, 1 Harvester, 1 Hay-press, 1 trailer, 1 tank trailer and several other agricultural machines), utilities: electricity monophase, triphase, gas, 2 water sources, telephone, internet, cable tv.









In our company there are 3 employees working with the animals and tractors. Our farm was founded in 1994 and has always made profit. Our productivity 500-800 pigs/year and 60000-80000 liters milk/year. Our turnover is 50000-100000 euro/year. We also have all authorizations and benefit from all E.U. subventions available. As a new member Romania receives from the E.U. 50-65% non reimbursable aids to develop agriculture.

The company received several subventions from the Romanian Government, such as:
1worked hectare = 70 euro/year
1slaughtered pig = 23 euro
1 adult cow(more than 6 months old) = 130 euro/year
for the quality of milk = 0.07 euro/liter
wheat and barley crops 120 euro/hectar /Year
0.23 euro/liter Diesel

The farm is located in the village of Pauca, in in a green valley of Transilvania, 45 km from Sibiu city, 30 km from salt lake resort Ocna Sibiului. It is great for hunting, keeping horses or off-road sports. The main city Sibiu is the former Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 and has an international airport. The castle of Dracula is about 180 kilometers away. In the village of Pauca there are 1800 inhabitants, 95% Romanians and 5% Saxons. The main religion is Orthodox.

Price is 260000 euro to negotiate.


       Owner: Ionut Boabes
       Telefon:  004/0721291850, 004/0744682805 
       Web-site: www.agriromsibiu.ro










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